A visit from the Smiths and a new Grandbaby on the way

This week we were excited to have Jeremiah, Heather and Kayleb by for a visit. Jeremiah was bowling in the USBC Open Championship (often called ‘Nationals’), and Heather drove down with him just to visit.

Jeremiah bowled 1846 for all 9 of his games, 3 as part of a 5-man team, then 3 in doubles and finally 3 games in singles competitions. Overall he bowled very well, he had a couple of standout games but mostly just good solid bowling. As I type this, he’s sitting in the top two hundred in all events with his 1846 total.

While Jeremiah bowled Kayleb played and the rest of us chased. He’s only14 months old and boy howdy he’s active. We had 3 kids and lots of friends and family have babies, but I’ve never seen the like. I don’t mean he’s hyper or anything, he’s just busy. All the time, busy. He’d walk through the kitchen and open every drawer, every cabinet and the pantry just to look inside. Sometimes grab one thing or two things and put them on the floor by the door. Then into the living room while I picked up the kitchen and he’d pull out toys and and play with them by putting some on the TV stand and some on the back of the couch and some in the dog food dish. I’d follow him around picking up kid toys and while I wasn’t looking he was back in the kitchen pulling out pots and pans…

When they left I slept for two days! 🙂

A new grandbaby!

We got the best news this week… Heather and Jeremiah are expecting again! This time, it’s a girl. We’re all very excited, especially The Greats. She’ll be the first great granddaughter, out of 6 great grandchildren. Heather’s due date is 11 Nov 2021.

Best of luck you guys, we love you!


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