Move to Cedar City area

Today we moved to Parowan Gap area which is maybe 30 minutes north of Cedar City, UT. We moved because we needed more dependable internet access so Tira could do one of her mandatory summer trainings.

Even though we’re dry camping on BLM land, there is more cell service here than there was at Pine Valley. We stayed here for about 6 days until we had to drive back to Las Vegas so Scott could have a follow up Dentist appt for his root canal that he got on 1 June.

While here, Scott did a new geoart called the Thunderbird. There were 82 geocaches and he walked about 12 miles in some soft sandy soil to get it finished.

We also visited Parowan and walked through Parowan’s Old Rock Church, visited the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs, and took a drive through the Dixie Forest east of Parowan up through Panguitch. On the way we stopped at Brian’s Head and got a good view of the surrounding area.


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