Back to Vegas

This morning, we packed up and left our campsite near Parowan Gap and came home. Lots of reasons brought us back, but we’re not too happy about it. First, Scott has that dental appointment mentioned earlier, Tira has a mandatory online summer training class, there were things to return and things to pick up at home, laundry to do, and on Saturday Tira has an all day Lead Meeting¹ with her principal. And the number one reason is the monster heatwave blasting through the south. It was projected to be in the 100’s near Cedar City (15 degrees above normal!), and of course in Vegas it’s going to be 112° to 116° everyday so we’ll plan on staying in, and staying cool.

We’ll be in Vegas for 5 days.

¹Next year, Tira will be the 2nd grade Lead Teacher for her school. It means lots of extra work and no extra money, but she’s basically the liaison between the grade level and the principal.


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