We were up and back on the road this morning by 9 and enjoyed a nice drive towards Colorado. The road still sucked, it is old and cracked and broken, but it sucked less today than it did yesterday. On the way towards Cortez, CO, we stopped at the 4 Corners monument but of course like everything else on the tribal lands in the area, it was closed.

We arrived in Cortez around noon and headed a little east towards Mancos where we were hoping to pick up a camping spot in the national forest. Who knew we weren’t alone out here? Seriously, CO is like some beckoning light to all the drifters and assholes that travel the country (yes, us included). But, we did manage to find a nice quiet spot in a meadow at almost 8,000′. It is beautiful…. highs in the 70’s, some clouds, a couple of random rain showers, quiet…
did I mention quiet? 🙂


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