Just camping

We’ve been here for a few days and are settling in to ‘just camping’ in the forest in Colorado.

The weather has been glorious, the days warm but not hot, the nights cool but not cold. Sunny everyday and starry every night.

A couple of days ago we visited the Canyon of the Ancients Visitor Center, outside of Dolores, about half an hour from here.
On the same trip we went into Canyon of the Ancients National Monument, also outside of Dolores and Cortez. We visited some ancient pueblo area in the north end of the Monument.

Then we spent a day doing laundry and shopping, and a day just driving around sightseeing and geocaching.

Here is a picture from over the hill in the area we’re camping. Penne and I went for a walk and I had to try, but it was much better looking than my picture shows.

Plus a couple of random pictures from this week.

This is the view from just up the hill from our camp area, when Penne and I went for a walk.

Doing some geocaching and some sightseeing. We were over 10K’ and looking mostly south here.

Bear scat… 🙁
About a mile from our trailer.

The inside of a real (reconstructed) Kiva!! I was so excited. 🙂

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