Pagosa Springs and Chimney Rock

We moved last week further east and landed almost to Pagosa Springs. This is our campsite:

We hadn’t intended to stay here, it’s right on a dirt road and it’s really really un-level. It was raining when we got here so we didn’t have a lot of choice. The road beyond this point got worse and the rain didn’t help, so we parked intending to move in a day.

Well, that didn’t happen and we actually ended up really enjoying our stop here. There was more ATV traffic than I normally liked but we were gone most days and so it didn’t really bother us too much. Plus there is just forest for miles right behind me, we heard elk bugle a couple of times as they moved through the hills. Penne and I enjoyed a couple of nice walk back through the trees when it wasn’t raining.

While here we made a trip into Pagosa Springs and did some sightseeing, waded in the warm water of the San Juan river, did some shopping and had one of the best lunches of the trip at “Meltdown on Main”. We also stopped at the local heritage museum and spoke to a lady working there who was on Kodiak Island in 1964!

Also while in the area we made a trip to Chimney Rock National Monument, which is between Pagosa Springs and Durango. While there we walked the lower trail around the visitor area and Scott walked up the 1 mile Pueblo trail to the Great Kiva and views of Chimney Rock.


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