Reno trip day5

Today Penne and I drove from Walker Lake to Carson City, NV. We’re set up at Washoe Lake State Park, and plan to be here for 7 days, the max we’re allowed to stay. I’ll go pick up Tira in a few days, this is where we’ll be when she arrives:

The drive today was WINDY!! So we took our time, stopped for only a cache or 2, and got here safely. There were only 2 spots open in the campground…. I’m lucky one of them was one of the best! 🙂

This morning, before we left the lake, Penne and I just had to take a couple of miles walk for a couple more geocaches!

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Reno trip day4

Today Penne and I got a later-than-I-wanted start on the day. The goal was to work on a “geoart” about an hour away. A Geoart is a group of geocaches that when you look at them on a map, they form a shape or an outline.

This is what we did today:

It was mid 80’s and we walked about 7 miles. I wanted to do the whole thing but since we got a late start I ran out of time. So today, we did just the yellow geocaches, the flame above the bomb. It was lots of fun… trust me! 🙂

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Reno trip day3

Lots of driving and goofing today. The weather was divine! 75° and sunny, very little breeze.

our campsite on Walker Lake

ok, so maybe this was yesterday?


Ghost town

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Reno trip day2

Early this morning, before breakfast, Penne and I climbed a volcano. 🙂

From below:

From the top:

And finally, heading down:

It was a lot of fun, but it was cold and windy and I hadn’t even had any coffee yet! No, really.
We walked around the entire cinder cone volcano and climbed up it before breakfast. (3 miles around, 250′ up)

After that we followed yesterday’s driving pattern…. drive, stop for geocaches, drive, stop for geocaches….

By the end of the day we made it to Walker Lake, my planned stop (and I love it when a plan comes together).

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Reno trip day1

So yeah, I got out of town this morning early, and Penne and I had no destination other than north. My plan was to stop for geocaches along the way and then stop. Simple plan and guess what?!? IT WORKED!


Usually my plans don’t work out so well. 🙂

So I stopped along the 95 for any geocache that had room to park at, and believe it or not there were a lot! I picked up a dozen or more and eventually made it to a random spot on the side of the rode north of Silver Peak (yes, that’s a town, not a mountain). Along the way I walked about 5 miles getting geocaches, drove a couple of hundred miles, and visited a hot spring in the middle of nowhere.

This is how Penne and I spent the day:

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