Scott’s Job

Totally forgot to add… I’m still not working. 🙁

I was hoping to get my old scheduling job back with the plan that I would work for 1.5 or 2.5 years. The idea being I would go to work and make stupid money, and if Tira gets a job somewhere she would go and I’d pack up/clean up the house. If she liked the job I’d sell the house and join here the following year (1.5 year plan). If she didn’t like the job she’d just come back to Vegas.

2.5 because that’s when I turn 60 and if I’m ever going to do something with my life I figure I better get to it. 🙂
Ok, really because if Tira gets a job the following year our plan is to NOT stay alone in NV, we’d sell the house and I’d go with her right away.

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Summer 2019 Plan!

Yes, it’s early but since this is what we do now, I’m going to plan our next summer vacation BEFORE we go. Sounds totally weird, huh? LOL

So yeah, I’ve just decided that next summer we’re heading to Washington. Henceforth and forever more to be known as, “the Canada Summer”. So as of right now the rough plan is to head north via the coastal highway (101) which we would pickup in California.

I’m thinking something like 2 weeks to get north, a week around Olympia, continue north to Canada and stay up that way for 3 weeks, exit Canada west of Spokane and drive through eastern WA and OR down to Crater Lake/Klamath Falls, Reno and home… with a week in OR, and a week in northern CA, then a few days home.

Coast highlights: the ocean, really. What else is there?
Canada highlights: tour the San Juans, southern AK boat trip? Victoria Island?
Oregon: The coast of course, Bend, Crater Lake, Klamath Falls.
WA: Melanie!!! Mom and Dad!!!!
CA: some time in Modoc National Forest on the way to Reno before heading home.

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Don’t get too excited. I updated the “Weather Page”. Go check it out….
Oh, and I fixed some broken facebook links, like Barbara Alvar was linking to some chick in Rhode Island or something (for example).

If you’re looking for pictures of our 2018 summer vacation don’t hold your breath… thanks to a massive hard drive failure, most of them were lost. 🙁

Tira started school a couple of days ago. She says she has a good class this year… we’ll see, oh yes we will.

Scott went into the sim building to talk to the pilots about going back to work. If he gets hired it’ll be November’ish.

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Summer Vacation Schedule

This is just a rough hack.
Firm dates:
– We want to be in Vernal UT, on 9 June
– We want to be at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument near Billings MT, on 28 June.
– We want to be in the Yellow Stone area on 29 June for between 4 and 10 days
– We will be home by 4 August unless something comes up…. we have lots of flex here.

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Summer Vacation 2018

Tira and I are working on our 2018 Summer Vacation…. aka the SD/Yellowstone trip.
As usual it’ll be 2 months. We’ll head first to GreatBasin NP, then east across UT to Dinosaur NM and Flaming Gorge Rec Area. From there it’s east into SD to Wind Cave National Park/Custer State Park/Black Hills National Forest and then Little Bighorn National Monument in WY and then over to Yellowstone.

Heather and Jeremiah will visit us, probably in Yellowstone for a few days. On our way home we’re going down through the Grand Teton NP where I’m hoping to stay for a week or more, before eventually heading home.

Rough map:

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