Life is Good!!

Well, We are here safe and sound. We did close on the house on Friday just like we were suppose to, however, as life goes, not everything goes as planned when you have so many people involved.

We arrived at 9am to do the paperwork as planned; however, Nevada has a rule, it doesn’t matter if you have signed all the paperwork and all the money has been exchanged, if it hasn’t been filed at the courthouse you don’t get a key. So, the company who files the paperwork only does it at 2pm everyday. I would guess they have a runner who goes every day at 2pm . The problem with ours though is the the old owners didn’t sign the deed so nothing got filed and we didn’t get a key. So on Monday at 2pm the runner will run the paperwork down again.

Of course, we hadn’t planned for it so we went hunting for a hotel that would take 5 people, a dog and a cat.

So we have spent the weekend having fun doing the tourist thing. Saw the Hoover Dam and swam in Lake Mead.

Hopefully today we will get the key, we have scheduled the household goods to arrive on Thursday. It is all coming together slowly but surely, and as I said in the beginning, LIFE IS GOOD.

Scott and the kids went to Red Rock Canyon for a hike, my ankel isn’t quite up to par yet so I have been hanging out here at the pool reading a book. I just came in because the sun started to shine on the pool directly and it started to warm up.

Oh, and I have to say, I am very excited. I haven’t lived in a place with a Sonic since I left Oklahoma, For those non-Okies its a drive-in kinda like the old A&W’s To my surprise there are 26 Sonics in Las Vegas, including one just down the road from my motel.

So while Scott and the kids were gone today I went and got my first Cherry Lime Slushy in almost 7 years!!!



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4 Responses to Life is Good!!

  1. Donna says:

    So, did you get the key or not????

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, not yet. Maybe today

  3. Donna says:

    But this is tuesday!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I know…and now here it is Wednesday and we had to cancel the gas getting turned on today. Our household goods arrive on Thursday and we get everything else turned on by Friday now. I’m holding out hope for today. I’m getting pretty tired of trying to find something to do for the day.
    I know it isn’t any one persons fault, I just wish people would realize that what they do or don’t do effects other people. Someone somewhere is taking their time not realizing that the people who are waiting to move in (us) have no where else to go and we are renting motel rooms and trying to keep the dog and cat cool in the hot weather during the day. Yesterday and today we checked out thinking okay, maybe today. And the worst part is, we won’t find out anything until the afternoon and check out time is 11 am so we can’t even sit in the hotel until later. S0 here we are, at the base library, reading, and playing on computers when we really would rather be in the house painting before the movers come tomorrow. Now we won’t get to paint before we move in either.

    But hey,
    Life is Good!!!! 🙂 I know I am blessed and that it will work out even if it isn’t on my own time.
    And my kids have been awesome!!! I couldn’t ask for better kids. Their lives are up in the air and they are just cruising along with us and happy to do so. I am so proud of my kids right now I can’t even tell you how much it means to me.
    I would like to do something special for them when this is all done. I don’t know what it will be but we will do something.

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