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This is Nick here

Hello everyone this is nick here as you can tell bye the title.  Well anyways my week has not been so good this week it all started off with not getting a lot of sleep.  Then on tuesday I came … Continue reading

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Tira the Teacher

I am so excited for Tira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tira is a teacher, tira is a teacher!  Hey, sing it with me in a chanting, teasing voice and it’s kind of cool.  Dance around your kitchen and sing it!  Tira is a teacher, … Continue reading

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Congratulations Brandon

Speaking of tremendous accomplishments, how many of you know that Brandon is the newest member of the Fargo Fire Department?!?!?!  huh? So now you know, it’s not safe to torch your car to hide your crime because Brandon is on … Continue reading

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Tira is Hired?????

Tira got a call today (like, FINALLY!!!) and a wonderful principal at a lovely school a little south of us, has “recommended” her for hire to the 3rd grade reading teacher position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit we are so totally THRILLEDDDD!!!!!!!!! Tira … Continue reading

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Cave Hike

This spot reserved for Nicholas.  He’s going to write about our cave hike but hasn’t gotten around to it yet…

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