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Valley of Fire with Grandparents

Not a lot to say, we drove close to 100 miles round trip through Lake Mead recreation area, through Valley of Fire State Park, and back down the freeway home. about 6 hours of scenic drive through classic sandstone country. … Continue reading

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26 Dec, Christmas +1

Merry after Christmas!  We all had a great time.  Grandpa and Grandma were here, everyone is happy and healthy, and well, it’s Christmas! Tira and I hope your holidays are grand and your new year is better. Naturally I have … Continue reading

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Hike w/Mel and Nic

Went hiking the last weekend before christmas, up to red rock canyon.  we walked on the SMYC trail, about 1.1 miles each way.  A little more for us, we walked the trail until the turn around point, then took the … Continue reading

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i haven’t said but i’m on a bowling team again this year and am doing just fine.  my average is 184 and climbing.  this week, i bowled 184, 185, and 278.  yes, 278.  i threw 10 strikes too! that’s my … Continue reading

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SNOW DAY!!!!!!

Who woulda’ thunk it?  LAS VEGAS GOT A SNOW DAY! Snowed as much as 8″ in the south side of town, 2 or 3 inches in the north end, and all school was cancelled.  Mom and dad (grandma and grandpa … Continue reading

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