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Scott is Sick

I came back from MS on the 14th of March with a fever, chills, aches, pains, headache, sore stomach (abdominial pain), light nausea. 14 days and I still feel like crap.

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Nick’s Boy Scout Hike

Nicholas planned and led a boy scout hike this weekend to Arrow Canyon. He planned and led the whole trip alone, I didn’t go and he was the only person in the whole group who had been there before. I … Continue reading

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Went to Biloxi MS for a week for a training thing. First time I’ve been there. Got to visit the tech school where training is held for new people in my job in the Air Force. On top of learning/reinforcing … Continue reading

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Modern Nevada

this picture was taken the same day as the car photo I really liked the contrast between the aged, slowly decaying garbage pit and the new home in the distance

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Nicholas and a car

I posted a pic of Melanies new car a while ago so I thought it only proper to post a picture of Nicholas’ first car! 🙂

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