News for December

Hi friends. Just checking to let you all now I’m busy, busy, busy.

Tira is under the weather a little, so I’m having to pick up extra work around the house… I’m not too happy about that. Hope she gets better soon. The kids are fine, all had the flu a week or 2 ago but they’re both doing well.




Wow we’re busy. Last weekend Nicholas spent 12 hours doing Boy Scout fundraising, and Tira and I went to her office (school) Christmas party… which was fun. We brought (and Tira cooked) a Turkey, it was a pot luck sort of thing.

This weekend is my office Christmas party. A much more formal and expensive affair. I think I preferred Tira’s.

Melanie is now driving my truck because I got rid of the car. Damn, what was I thinking? I bought Tira a car of her own sho she’d stop putting miles on my Truck and then I turned around and sold the old backup car so now all Mel has to drive is the truck.

I was up until 2am this morning doing housework/organizing. And now it’s nearly 11pm and I just finished the first batch of Christmas cards. Will have to do more another day but I got family started today.

But the weather is fine, I think. I’m locked up at work all day, mostly 10 hr days but some are longer… it was 14 a couple of days ago, so I don’t get lunch and I often don’t go outside from 7am thru 6pm. I also don’t get to exercise like I should so I’m getting fatter while my ass gets flatter from sitting all day. The advantage is of course, with the holidays coming, I can eat larger portions!!

Oh yeah, I lost yet another computer the other day but this was my network backup computer. I’m sure all my pictures and documents are fine… but the mobo or the CPU went out and so I can’t access anything. I need to by a new Asus board w/ integrated Raid so I can get my data back I hope!!!


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2 Responses to News for December

  1. Donna says:

    Good to hear from you! I’m glad you are back from Texas, doing housework, cards and having a wonderful Christmas Holiday Season. I’m sorry to hear you sold your car – it was a cute one!

    We are well here, but Ron’s mother is pretty sick which leaves Christmas Eve kind of open for us. . . which is very strange feeling.

    We had dinner with Laura which was great! We had fun visiting and eating and no one had to do dishes. She seems well.

    Do enjoy the parents!

    Do enjoy the holiday!

    Do enjoy Christmas (you sounded sort of grumpy)!


    You might be sorry,but on my blogsite I figured how to load video. . . so all those clever videos I get sent for Christmas. . . . .

  2. scott says:

    Hi sis.
    I took some more strange tree pics but my computer crashed and all is lost… for now.. I think it’s a motherboard or CPU problem so my data is good, i just need to get a compatible computer back online to access it.

    not grumpy! 🙂

    Hope she gets well, and merry christmas to you guys.

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