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  1. Tim Alvar says:

    Somehow I knew you would have Christmas photos posted the same day. Good to see some things never change, i.e. Dad in the hat, Mom with her coffee, and at least 1 really goofy child. We hope that you all had a great Christmas, and want to let you know that besides being cold, Barbara and I had a good Christmas; nice and peaceful with just the two of us and the animals.

    Tim and Barb

  2. Donna says:

    Merry Christmas! I’m glad for the great pictures, it made me feel more a part of the family.

    Our Christmas was quiet and very, very unusual. Ron’s mother spent four days in the hospital and came home on Christmas day and since his dad’s car was broke down, Ron went and got her and missed dinner at Joe’s house!

    We had too much food but a great time was had by all!

    Merry Christmas family!

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