Summer in Las Vegas

Yes, it’s summer in southern Nevada, and I feel it necessary to comment on the hot temperatures.
…so here it is…  THIS SUCKS!











…Ok, so here’s what’s going on here…

1) That is the forecast for the next 7 days, captured from the local news channel.
2) Yes, they’re calling 117 “hotter”
3) Yes, I would call it “hottest”
4) This matters because only 2 times in the history of Las Vegas have we ever hit 117… on any day, ever.  It has happened 2 times, the most recent was 2005.  And they’re predicting we’ll do it again.
5) The most days in a row of 110+, is 10.  It has happened 7 different times in our history and in the 7 day forecast above, we’re going to get 6 days in a row.  The local wx forecasters don’t think we’ll hit 10, however.
How sad.
6) Finally…  really?  I mean, really, REALLY?
7) This SUCKS.  I’m bored and want to go hiking in the desert.  🙁     I believe I’ll skip it for a while.


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