Summer 2019 Plan!

Yes, it’s early but since this is what we do now, I’m going to plan our next summer vacation BEFORE we go. Sounds totally weird, huh? LOL

So yeah, I’ve just decided that next summer we’re heading to Washington. Henceforth and forever more to be known as, “the Canada Summer”. So as of right now the rough plan is to head north via the coastal highway (101) which we would pickup in California.

I’m thinking something like 2 weeks to get north, a week around Olympia, continue north to Canada and stay up that way for 3 weeks, exit Canada west of Spokane and drive through eastern WA and OR down to Crater Lake/Klamath Falls, Reno and home… with a week in OR, and a week in northern CA, then a few days home.

Coast highlights: the ocean, really. What else is there?
Canada highlights: tour the San Juans, southern AK boat trip? Victoria Island?
Oregon: The coast of course, Bend, Crater Lake, Klamath Falls.
WA: Melanie!!! Mom and Dad!!!!
CA: some time in Modoc National Forest on the way to Reno before heading home.


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