Reno Camping Trip

I won’t post every day, but I wanted to at least post a little about my/our camping trip to Reno in April 2019.

So Jeremiah was in town the beginning of April, he bowled in the PBA Master’s event here. He left Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon I picked up the camper, and Thursday morning I rolled out of town for a few days of geocaching and camping.

Tira is still working but her spring break starts next week…. so the plan is I goof off, she works, and then she’ll fly into Reno where I’ll (hopefully) pick her up at the airport. I guess we’ll see how that plan goes… oh yes we will. 😉

So anyway, I tried to leave but as I was driving down the road I realized I was OVER DUE FOR AN OIL CHANGE!

Yeah, no kidding. And as I glanced at that little sticker in the window and realized I was about to drag the trailer on a 1,500 mile adventure while needing an oil change, the tire warning light went off. Like seriously, I saw the sticker, glanced at my mileage, said to myself “…. plus…. minus…. hey! I’m overdue” and at that instant the tire pressure monitor went off. So I pulled over, checked the tires (no problems), had a short heart-to-heart with myself, and turned around.

So yeah, I can’t afford a new truck so I better take care of this one, right?


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