I had to laugh

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A new home in the San Juan National Forest

So we arrived here in Mancos CO area on the 23d, and the next day we took it easy and hung around, and on the 25th we got up and went into the local community to grab some geocaches, do some laundry, and buy some groceries. When we got back however, the Clampetts had moved in. (a reference to the Beverly Hillbillies, look it up.)


We were in the San Juan National Forest (1.8 million acres) and these fucking assholes parked their rundown 1906 diesel motorhome and their 18 dirty kids like 20 feet from my camper. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? Go somewhere else, there are 2,936 square miles of other places to camp and you park so close I can smell your stench?!?

I WAS LIVID!!! (can you tell?)

So this morning Tira and I got up early and left to look for a new campsite. On the way we picked up a couple of geocaches and that took my mind off the idiots, a little. Eventually we returned home, packed up, hooked up, and left. Oh my goodness I was so furious, just incredible, why they thought that was ok I have no idea. In fact last night the homeless father of a dozen or so was out there cussing at his motorhome because he couldn’t get the generator to run. We were relieved (NOT!) when at 9:30PM he finally got it running and then they all had lights (and TV and radio and of course the loud ass diesel generator 20′ from our camp trailer). When I went to bed at 11:30 it was still running…. but I digress.

Short story we moved to this spot.

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New Neighbors

Well the honeymoon didn’t last too long. 🙁

We went out this morning to do some sightseeing and when we got back the fucking Clampetts had moved in. Oh my goodness were we pissed. We’re in the San Juan National Forest, a small track of only like 1.8 million fucking acres, and the Clampetts parked their run down motor-home 20′ from my front door. In the woods. And on top of that they pulled their unregistered, broke down and rusted Chevrolet car through the bushes and parked it under a tree. They needed to do that because it looked like that’s where the kids slept.

Take note of the picture in the previous post… it’s not like I was alone up a skinny road with no where else to park. There was a whole field! Inside MILLIONS OF ACRES and thousands of miles of forest roads.

I guess we leave tomorrow now. UGH!!!!!


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We were up and back on the road this morning by 9 and enjoyed a nice drive towards Colorado. The road still sucked, it is old and cracked and broken, but it sucked less today than it did yesterday. On the way towards Cortez, CO, we stopped at the 4 Corners monument but of course like everything else on the tribal lands in the area, it was closed.

We arrived in Cortez around noon and headed a little east towards Mancos where we were hoping to pick up a camping spot in the national forest. Who knew we weren’t alone out here? Seriously, CO is like some beckoning light to all the drifters and assholes that travel the country (yes, us included). But, we did manage to find a nice quiet spot in a meadow at almost 8,000′. It is beautiful…. highs in the 70’s, some clouds, a couple of random rain showers, quiet…
did I mention quiet? 🙂

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