Today my 2012 F250 hit 100,000 miles! It’s been a fine truck, I’m looking forward to the next 100K. LOL

This is where I hit it, we were on Highway 101 driving east towards Port Angeles, right next to Lake Crescent. We hit the first pullout and snapped a pic!

The funny thing is, I told dad and he said we used to camp here in the 60’s! 🙂


Lake Crescent

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Olympic National Forest

We left the OxBow campground this morning looking for someplace to camp in the forest. Boy that is tough… all of the forest is managed by the state and that means timber rights, so just about every road is closed or blocked by whomever ‘owns’ that piece of forest, or whomever has rights to access it. I don’t fully understand WA rules, I just know there is super limited forest and forest camping access.

But, we did find a road, and it did have an old gravel pit of some sort, and it does have lots of sun for my solar, and so we stopped!

We’re like 30 mi west of Port Angeles and just a little west of Lake Crescent, but on the south side of 101 here.

We arrived early, before noon, but we did some exploring in case there was any other place to go, but we didn’t find anything. We’ll plan to stay here for a few days to see how annoying it gets with other people coming and going, if we like it maybe a week and if we love it maybe 2 weeks!

Gravel pit in Olympic National Forest
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Hoh Oxbow Campground

We arrived here a few days ago, I think 8 July. We are at the Hoh Oxbow Campground and it’s really great. It’s a free campground for starters, but it’s great. Clean bathrooms, great view, and it’s run by the Washington DNR (Dept of Natural Resources). They run a number of campground around the area and the state, and at least around here, all of the campgrounds have room for me! So many small campgrounds have room for only tents or small trailers.

The site has been super shaded so no solar power, so we’ve ran the generator 2 or 3 hours a day.

We are right on and looking over the Hoh River. There are a couple of pictures below; it gets it’s color from glacier melt from up in the Olympic Mountains.

We’ve done a lot of resting and recuperating here, from having had Covid. I’m just fine, even got my sense of smell back full force. It never went away, but it did get weaker for sure! Tira lost hers not completely, but pretty close. She’s doing well too, today is day 12 for her I think, and even though the CDC says 10 days before you can go unmasked in public because you’re cured… Tira is still suffering from a pretty bad shortness of breath and a slight trouble breathing. She’s using her asthma inhaler and doing ok, though.

While here we did some sightseeing from the truck, got stuck in a ditch and had to be towed, drove up to the Hoh Rainforest, also, I got to find a couple of geocaches.

Other than that lots of resting. Did I mention how beautiful it is here?

I took this after a short walk with Penne to look for a geocache.
Oxbow Campground, looking at the Hoh River. We spent a lot of time right here.
View from the campground, just up from our site.
Hoh River looking towards the Oxbow campground at sunset.
and yes, Scott was driving. 🙁
We sat here for about and hour and a half waiting for a tow.
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Pacific Beach

So we did manage to escape Olympia/Tacoma on 5 July. Tira was better and I was ready to go… so we left. We landed at Pacific Beach, the Navy RV campground there. The sites are close together but it’s on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and the price is right.

We were planning to head up around the Olympic Peninsula somewhere but there was rain in the forecast for the next 3 days and well, I need solar to charge the batteries, so I chickened out and and stopped here for the electricity. And I’m glad I did.

Tira and I have been here a few times, the first time was in 1994 and we met Tim and Barbara here. That time we stayed down in the State Park. This trip it rained everyday, so we’re glad to be here with hookups. Today before leaving we made a run around Lake Quinault. It rained on and off all day, but it was a beautiful drive. And hey, I got to see the Worlds largest Spruce tree!

Our site at sunset, with our close neighbors. LOL
Quinault River
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