Emotional Week

Hello all, I am feeling very mixed up emotionally this week.

Lets see, my sweet little Melanie is 16 as of yesterday…..Sweet 16…yeah right. She had a nice birthday with lots of presents, but her most exciting present was the book her father got her. She has been reading this series and the 4th and final book came out two days before her birthday, so her father bought it and wrapped it and left it on the table for her to see. Well, every since she opened it we haven’t seen much of her.

Heather (you know my 18 year old) leaves for college tomorrow. My baby Heather is getting on a plane and flying to North Dakota all by her self. I can’t even go and help her set up her dorm room. I am going to hear about her life now from phone calls and emails.

I am very excited for my kids and I really love watching them grow up and go out into the world. I am not worried about Heather, which I suppose should make me worry. But I know she will be in good hands and I know she will be fine. I am so proud of her taking this big step. I just wish I was there to watch her take it.

My son is the only one who is not making me feel old or sad….well not yet anyway…there are still a few days left in this week. :-)

Anyway, I agree with Donna the spiders have to go. Hopefull Scott will post some pictures of Melanie’s birthday.

I hope everyone is having a good summer. Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for me to get a job.

Love you guys.


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8 Responses to Emotional Week

  1. scott says:

    whiner. 🙂

  2. Sis says:

    Yo Bro – your wife is not a whiner! She is a trooper, I would have dumped you years ago.

    Tira, you are amazing and have done a great job with your kids. Now it’s time to just cry, and watch the most exciting part of parenting. Your children will each spread their own wings and you get to enjoy them continuing to grow up without the hard work of three meals a day and laundry!

    Tell Heather – don’t get kicked out of school and don’t come home until Christmas – because as much as you will miss her (always), you don’t want her to come home permanently.

  3. Tira says:

    Thank you Donna.

    The only reason I haven’t dumped him is I like his family so much 🙂

    It is getting easier, especially now that I have to get the other kids ready for school next week. If only I was getting ready for my classroom.
    Oh well, I was hired as a sub in the district. And I hate to say it but schools are really a lot like a “Good Ol’e boys” Club So maybe if I get in the classroom and people see me I can get hired. Wish me luck.

  4. Sis says:

    I will pray that you get a permanent position soon, not that I’m terribly worried; because once they see you in action they will be begging you to stay around! However, maybe not having that adjustment to add to all the others is a good thing this year. Like how many adjustments can one person have without freaking out!
    1. you are still married to my brother
    2. you lived for many months as the sole parent
    3. you moved
    4. you bought a new house
    5. you had to endure the real spiders (the pics were bad enough)
    6. your youngest daughter turned 16 (she’s cute by the way)
    7. your oldest daughter graduated from high school
    8. your oldest daughter is leaving for school
    9. you have to help your kids adjust to new schools
    10.You are still married to my brother
    All of that is pretty high on the stress list; and its all from the first of the year. . . .

    Have a good first day of school – drink coffee and hang out in the silence!

  5. Tira says:

    Wow, well when you put it that way….I guess I will. 🙂

  6. nick says:

    so not fair u talked about Heather and Melanie what about me do i not have any part of this am i alone in this

    i’m all alone theres no one here beside me ……… my problems have all gone theres no one to etc etc…… see i have a part in this now and my lovely singing haha

  7. Scott says:


    It’s no wonder you don’t have any friends!

    “only a true friend would be that brutally honest…”


  8. Scott says:

    And I was thinking… 10 things that stress Aunt Donna out…

    1) older than scott
    2) working in numerous foreign countries
    3) like charlie’s angels, has never seen her boss
    4) terrible sense of humor
    5) addiction to coffee
    6) older than everyone
    7) bought a new house
    8) took wheels off of new house
    9) still married to Ron (Sorry Ron, slipped out!)
    10) older than everyone!

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