Jacob lake!

So we finally got out of Las Vegas, again! We’re about 220 miles from home near the north rim of the Grand canyon. We’re outside of Jacob lake, Arizona, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Still a little warm though, when we pulled in it was 92° but oh my goodness that’s a far cry from 114° in Las Vegas today.

We will probably be in this area for a couple of weeks, the forecast tomorrow is the same (low 90s) but after that nothing but 80s and even high 70s a week from now. We’re totally looking forward to that and there’s no reason to leave here.

I’m also looking forward to a drive to the rim of the Grand canyon, the North rim, in the next couple of days. It’s been a lot of years since Tira and I were here. We will probably move spots also, this one is very nice but it was very convenient… so we’ll see, yes we will, we’ll see.



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