New Neighbors

Well the honeymoon didn’t last too long. 🙁

We went out this morning to do some sightseeing and when we got back the fucking Clampetts had moved in. Oh my goodness were we pissed. We’re in the San Juan National Forest, a small track of only like 1.8 million fucking acres, and the Clampetts parked their run down motor-home 20′ from my front door. In the woods. And on top of that they pulled their unregistered, broke down and rusted Chevrolet car through the bushes and parked it under a tree. They needed to do that because it looked like that’s where the kids slept.

Take note of the picture in the previous post… it’s not like I was alone up a skinny road with no where else to park. There was a whole field! Inside MILLIONS OF ACRES and thousands of miles of forest roads.

I guess we leave tomorrow now. UGH!!!!!



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