Visiting Mesa Verde National Park

One of the reasons we headed to this area outside of Mancos Colorado, is that it’s close to Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, and also Mesa Verde National Park.

Last week we got to visit Canyons of the Ancients, and this week we’ve made a couple of trips into Mesa Verde. Inside the park there are really two roads, but the drives are fairly long so we split the park and one day did the more westerly drive (Wetherill Mesa Rd) and the next visit we did the eastern side (Mesa Top Ruins Rd). Most of the the famous dwellings, like ‘Cliff Palace’ are along the east road. It’s also a long twisting road with size limit restrictions. Most of these pictures are from that road. On the west side though, we got to do more walking including the 1 mile round trip that actually went from the rim down into a cliff dwelling, the Step House. Most cliff dwellings are off limits but this one was not.


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